thought i’d upload some pictures of when harry came to stay

it was the best week i got to spend time wth this little shit and we made cookies and we made the cake up there and we made spagetti together and we went to the arcade, and had horrible smoothies, and he bought me meals and we spent at least 5 hours on different trains, it pissed down so we went out, it was sunny so we stayed in and watched movies, (so many movies) he hugged my mum, my dad threatened to throw him out a window, i saw him piss in my shower, he came in my hair and i love him so much

its so weird that a year ago we didnt even know eachother, strangers living 200 miles apart, and then because of tumblr we met, and everyone shipped us and we finally met and now we’re in a proper relationship

life’s grand 

it was the best week of my life and i know for sure i want to be with callie forever and ever, and i know it’s going to happen soon and that just makes me so fucking happy, callie is the one person who i feel like i can be myself with, who i feel completely happy with, i feel like im home when im in her presence.

I love you so very much Callie, and I can’t wait to spend my life with you.

hey remember when


becoming older than 10 years old was the biggest mistake of my life



The Strokes - Reptilia


*a drunk guy pass by your street at 4am*


the notebook problem: you see a notebook. you want to buy the notebook. but you know you have like TEN OTHER NOTEBOOKS. most which are STILL EMPTY. you don’t need to notebook. you’re probably not gonna use the notebook anyway. what’s the point? DONT BUY THE NOTEBOOK. you buy the notebook.